Display CONFIRMED for 2019!

 1st December to 31st December

 8:00PM to 11:00PM

More Christmas Lights in Seaford Meadows


2000 to 7000 lights approx

Moving features, Interactive display, Roof display,

Like this display?
Worlds First Interactive Christmas Light Display!
I don't program my lights to music, instead I give all the power to the people who visit my display.
Using a mobile device and an online application, people can visit my display, "Take Control" and then change the animation that is playing on the house, change the "theme" of the display, or any other number of control methods added to the application. I've written the app myself and am constantly adding features to it, so no 2 weekends will be the same! The online application to control the lights is https://www.lukelights.app.

Be sure to find "Luke Lights" on Facebook and Instagram to follow along with updates, and even have a say in features that I add!


More Christmas Lights in Seaford Meadows

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Every year families from all over Australia decorate their house in magical Christmas lights.

We hope you find beautiful Christmas lights and decorations near you. Escape the shopping, bargain hunting and
Christmas Sales these holidays and have some family fun.


Christmas is almost here

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