How would you go keeping up with the Skywalkers… er, Joneses?

This Star Wars fan has gone all out in this theatrical yet festive Star Wars themed Christmas light display! The performance uses blinding spotlights, thousands of LEDs, and the creator's skill of exact precision to synchronise the display with a Star Wars musical medley. Even drones weren't out of the question for this Star Wars fan, keeping us amazed with a bird's eye view flyover of the display!

From the disgruntled-looking choir of singing windows to the amazingly crisp animations over the Christmas tree to the side, the creator spared no corner of their imagination for this project. This piece of modern art covered all the best parts of Star Wars: Lightsaber battles got a festive makeover, leaving us to reminisce about battling with wrapping paper tubes on Boxing Day. Even the Cantina Band makes an appearance in a red and green themed light show spectacular including a piano with light up keys playing along with the Cantina melody.

We cant help but wonder if the neighbours are cool with it. We presume the neighbours across the street are pretty cool since they allowed their resident nerds to shoot the house from across the street. It definitely adds to the quality of the piece. There's no denying the immense effort that must have gone into this epic and dramatic display – but would it ever get tiresome after a long day?

Would you appreciate the effort, do them one better, or shut the windows and wait for December 26? Tell us below!

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