That faint noise in the distance is everyone's minds being BLOWN!

Maybe small things just amuse small minds, but Coca-Cola, or simply “Coke”, has outdone themselves this year on their Christmas packaging! Coke has been known for cementing the image of “classic Santa” through entire generations with their Christmas campaigns over the years. In fact, the idea of the jolly man in a red suit was introduced by Coca-Cola in 1931! The company states themselves that prior to this, in some depictions – Santa just looked downright scary! This year they've got our backs again. In what we can only assume is a case of “Don't fix what's not broken”, they've placed their festive ideas outside the box – literally. With a little ingenuity and a bit of magic, this year's coke bottle labels turn into gift wrapping bows (well, in the UK, US, and Sweden anyway). Check out the video below:

The video has nearly 1.5 million views and the reactions are definitely mixed! Some Youtube commenters have embraced the new packaging with open arms, even going so far as to collaborate with other local Youtubers to find the closest Christmas themed bottles in their area. Others were not too keen on the idea of getting a bottle of Coke for Christmas. Then, in true Youtube fashion, there were those who were just way too concerned with the video being filmed in portrait mode to even acknowledge the shiny, shiny genius that was forming right in front of their eyes.

How do YOU feel about the new labels? Are they a total win or a total fail? How would YOU react if someone gave you a bottle of softdrink with a ribbon on it for Christmas?

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Christmas is almost here

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