?They wrapped the dog!"

What are friends for if not to take your words and misconstrue them for hilarious pranks? That's exactly what Youtube star EvanEraTV did when one of his friends and fellow Youtubers, Tom, told him he'd not gotten any gifts sent to his P.O. box. EvanEraTV spends no time mucking around and gathers a team of his friends to help ?cheer up? Tom and help solve his giftless predicament. Armed with ladders, rolls of giftwrap, and who knows how much sticky tape The group set upon Tom's house to make a few changes, When Tom comes home his range of reactions are priceless! Watch the results below.

?The best gift is the gift of home" What a nice sentiment from a guy who would probably still be pretty frustrated at the state of his lounge room. Tom took it really well and overall it paints a lovely picture of EvanEraTV and Tom's friendship. Another cool tidbit is that after the prank, in the festive spirit, they rerolled the gift wrap and donated it to children's charities who needed it. While the ceiling-to-floor gift wrap wallpaper would have taken way too much time to put up, we definitely think the dogs were the stars of the show! The best part about it was that even Tom's wife was in on the whole thing. In fact, she was the one who let EvanEraTV and his crew in! Hopefully some of the pranksters stuck around to help clean up. It does leave us worrying that we've got to get our Christmas decoration plans finalised. Do you prioritise your lights first or your presents first? Tell us below!

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