But how can you stay mad at those little faces?

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Where pet parents and baby parents alike are having to find balance between festive decoration and ensuring no little hands or paws can reach said decorations when they're up! Unfortunately, not every pet owner is able to get to their pets in time which has led to some hilarious stories in the form of ?pet shaming"?. It's a good thing Christmas is the time for forgiveness, because we could never stay mad at these cuties!

1. ?I Ate Christmas"?

The stone cold face of no regrets.

2. "I ate ALL of the Christmas cookies"?

Sorry Santa, someone got to the cookies first!

3. ?"We can't have Christmas decorations because I eat them"?

Oh well, at least he has his antlers!

4. ?I won't let mum wrap gifts"

If it fits, he sits.

5. ?I ate Santa's face off"

This is just like that scene in Face/Off.

6. ?I used the Amazon app to buy this printer"?

Apparently this is not the first time this cheeky doggo has gone on an Amazon spree!

7. ?I chewed the wire under the table so mommy and daddy had no internet over Christmas!"?

This poor family had to face the horror of not being able to post their hauls until after Boxing Day! How did they possibly manage?! At least they had a cute rabbit to pet as consolation.

8. ?I knocked all the baubles on the tree"

Well, that's one way to make sure you're not outshone by the fabulous tree!

Are your pets Christmas angels or mischievous little elves? Tell us your Christmas pet stories below!

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Christmas is almost here

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