... Or adults who aren't great at cooking!

One of the best parts about Christmas is time with the family. Sometimes this means the little ones in our life have a lot more free time than usual, which is why we've trawled Pinterest for some simple recipe ideas with a festive theme!

1. Oreo cake pops

There's no baking required with these Oreo pops. Simply take an Oreo or similar stuffed cookie and place a lollypop stick into the cream in the center. After that, with adult help, dip the pops in melted white chocolate and then cover them with sprinkles of your choice. Simple!

2. Savory Trees

Here's one for the kids who love their veggies. (Why are you laughing, it could happen!) This is an exception to the ?no playing with food" rule! Cut up cheese and tomato for the kids to turn into a festive tree! Some leafy greenery and carrot tinsel wouldn't go astray!

3. Rice Bubble Christmas Trees

We can't get enough of these cute trees! Youtuber Yoyomax12's recipe calls to put 285g of marshmallows and 3 tablespoons of butter, a few drops of green food colouring, and a whopping 6 cups of rice bubbles. We suggest perhaps halving this recipe if you're not feeding a whole family. Decorating your tree is where you can really let your imagination run wild! We suggest tinsel icing as a base to stick some small candy baubles.

4. Sweetened Cream Cheese and Strawberry Santas

With only four ingredients (Strawberries, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract) and no baking required, this is an easy recipe for little helpers!

5. Quick Shortbread

If you've got 250g of butter, 1 cup caster sugar, and 1 and? cups of plain flour? you've got the ingredients for a super simple shortbread! Just be sure to keep any helper elves away from hot surfaces and the oven!

What's your go to recipe when the kids stop by? Share with us below!

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