Number 6 is so simple, but it'll blow your mind!

If you're dusting off the usual outdoor display and thinking it could use with a makeover, why not check out the DIY ideas below? These cool and festive ideas might take some effort, but the results speak for themselves.

1. Giant Glowing Christmas Orbs

All it takes to make these kooky and festive lawn ornaments are outdoor fairy lights, chicken wire, wire cutters, safety gloves, and safety goggles. We absolutely hopes this becomes a glowing trend, Whoops! We meant growing trend.

2. Mini Glowing Christmas Orbs

These are similar to the same as above, but in a miniature version! Less material means that they'll be able to hang in trees and on doors!

3. Small potted Christmas Trees near the front door

A small pine-like tree or shrub in a rustic pot with the conical shape of your indoor tree won't go astray if your porch is looking barren this holiday season! If you choose to decorate it, be sure to use decorations that are durable against weather!

4. Mason jar lights

This one is super simple! Grab a mason jar and some battery powered Christmas lights and you've got some gorgeous lights for the front path, front porch, or even take some inside for an atmospheric centrepiece!

5. Baubles in your flower beds

Not really a green thumb? No worries! Just pop a variety of baubles in your flower beds and no one needs to be the wiser! Be sure to use outdoor decorations as indoor ones may break easily in the weather.

6. Hanging bauble nests

Got some old hanging baskets lying about from that vine that didn't quite make it? Fill it with baubles and break out the outdoor Christmas lights to create a stylish outdoor decoration!

7. Hanging hula hoops

By winding Christmas lights around hula hoops you can create amazing frames for other hanging audience. You can also put multiple hoops together to create dynamic shapes in your outdoor display! We love the dazzle of the lights glimmering off the hanging baubles around it!

What's the best outdoor decoration in your Christmas toolbox? Share with us below!

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