Parents share what Christmas is like with little hands about!

Youtube channel ?Story of this Life"?, a vlogging channel run by the mum in a family of four, has published a video that we think anyone who's had little helper elves around at Christmas can relate to. The video documents the pitfalls of kids and Christmas, whether it be a bare-bottomed Christmas tree or trying to get a happy family photo, this video will have parents all over the world relating. With so much cuteness and hilarity, It's best if you watch for yourself below!

With those fabulous lights, stunning tree, and amazing decorations, we're actually suspecting this mother may actually be Superwoman. It's comforting to know that she shares the same plights as the rest of us! We've mentioned baby gates as a good way to guard trees and dangerous sockets from crawling cuties, but with great hilarity, this mum simply chose to take the bottom third of decorations off her Christmas tree! Though we're sure that we're not alone in cringing over the milk being placed on a footrest instead of a hard surface, I'm sure she won't make that mistake twice!

Though we must admit, even with all the messes and inconveniences they may cause, Christmas wouldn't be the same with little hearts and little hands filling our day with smiles and laughter! We don't know a single parent who wouldn't clean all the smashed baubles in the world if it means a magical day with those we love.

What's the messiest Christmas fail you've ever had to clean up afterwards? Tell us below!

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Christmas is almost here

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