Date & Time: 14/Dec
End Date & Time: 9am - 8pm
Location: Wollongong
he Santa Claus Pub Crawl - Wollongong - is now in its 26th year!! The event is undergoing a name change in 2019 to "SANTAFEST" - with a new website now in operation too It was originally started by a small group of friends as a means of raising some Christmas spirit – and having some fun at the same time. This event is recognised as the longest continually run Santa Pub Crawl in the world and over 11,000 people are expected to attend this year. Over $153,000 was raised in 2018! ALL tickets for wristbands will only be sold online via our website – (sales managed through link). There are NO REFUNDS for these tickets - this is a charity event and we operate regardless of weather.

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