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Simpson court, Hallam, Victoria
Lights along the front fence and on front wall of the house and many other interesting things this y...[read more]
Featuring 2000 to 7000 lights approx, Moving features, Inflatables,
2 Glenburn Drive, Hallam, Victoria
An array of spectacular fairy lights mixed with amazing large motifs and a one of a kind Santa sitti...[read more]
Featuring 7000 to 15000 lights approx, Moving features, Roof display,
62 Hinrichsen Drive, Hallam, Victoria
Great set up of light in the front yard and on the roof.. ...[read more]
Featuring 0 to 2000 lights approx, Roof display,
137 Hinrichsen Drive, Hallam, Victoria
Large lawn display ...[read more]
Featuring 35000-45000 lights approx, Moving features, Inflatables,


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