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8 New St, Reservoir, Victoria
Santa climbing up the house, also we have coloured lights around the house. We have made a front win...[read more]
Featuring 0 to 2000 lights approx, Moving features, Nativity scene, Roof display,
5 Chaleyer Street, Reservoir, Victoria
Lights on the gutters and walls of the house. A 6 meter long archway of lights and the lawn filled w...[read more]
Featuring 7000 to 15000 lights approx, Moving features, Interactive display, Inflatables,
21 Butters Street, Reservoir, Victoria
A musical animated light show....[read more]
Featuring 2000 to 7000 lights approx, Music, Roof display,
31 North Road, Reservoir, Victoria
Fantastic light display including home made peices. They are on from dusk to late....[read more]
3 McPherson Street, Reservoir, Victoria
Lights in the house and the hedge...[read more]
Featuring 0 to 2000 lights approx, Roof display,


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