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57 Burke Road, Sunbury, Victoria
Heaps of lights around the roof including Santa, reindeer, shooting stars, Motifs and features aroun...[read more]
Featuring Moving features, Inflatables,
The Hermitage, Sunbury, Victoria
The Hermitage, Sunbury. There is a sleigh for the kids to sit in and have photos taken. Santa's work...[read more]
Featuring Interactive display, Nativity scene, Roof display, Walk in display
34 Turnberry Drive, Sunbury, Victoria
We have been displaying Christmas lights for more than 17 years, every year we try new ideas and exp...[read more]
Featuring 7000 lights or more, Moving features, Nativity scene, Roof display,
290 Gap Road, Sunbury, Victoria
Large display, many lights, snow machine, certified santa with lollies and can get pictures with San...[read more]
Featuring 500000 lights or more, Moving features, Inflatables, Roof display, Walk in display
7 Chifley Court, Sunbury, Victoria
Looney toons and Scooby doo Christmas cutouts. ...[read more]
Featuring 2000 to 7000 lights approx, Inflatables,
12 The Hermitage, Sunbury, Victoria
Snow, bubbles, Sleigh, Santa workshop! Christmas tree, Fun for kids...[read more]
Featuring Interactive display, Nativity scene, Roof display, Walk in display
Carla Views, Sunbury, Victoria
Will not disappoint....4-6 houses getting involved. Great for a walk with the family and may even ge...[read more]
Featuring 35000-45000 lights approx, Moving features, Roof display,
15 Phillip Drive, Sunbury, Victoria
Massive light display ...[read more]
Featuring 7000 to 15000 lights approx, Roof display,
Fitzroy Street, Sunbury, Victoria
Amazing Sleigh & reindeers, snowman. Great lights display...[read more]
Noble Way, Sunbury, Victoria
A number of houses in the street with lights, some blow ups...[read more]
Featuring Inflatables, Roof display,


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