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Chestnut Crescent, Victoria Point, Queensland
There are toys for children to play with,plus several different themes, nativity scene, snow theme, ...[read more]
Featuring 7000 lights or more, Moving features, Interactive display, Nativity scene, Roof display, Walk in display
Lindabel Court, Victoria Point, Queensland
Approx 6 houses in the street have displays, ranging from a few solar light sets to ones with a whol...[read more]
Featuring 2000 to 7000 lights approx, Moving features, Roof display,
6 Darescott Court, Victoria Point, Queensland
Awesome lights display plus appearances from Santa. Event is raising money for the Bush Fire Appeal...[read more]
Featuring 0 to 2000 lights approx, Moving features, Interactive display, Nativity scene, Inflatables, Roof display, Walk in display
Bellenden Court, Victoria Point, Queensland
A few houses lighting up in this court....[read more]
Prescoter Drive, Victoria Point, Queensland
Various houses in the street getting into the Christmas spirit!...[read more]
39 Whipbird Circuit, Victoria Point, Queensland
Syncronised Christmas lights!...[read more]


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