Display CONFIRMED for 2019!

 25th November to 5th January

 8:00PM to 11:00PM

More Christmas Lights in Constitution Hill


15000-25000 lights approx

Music, Moving features, Interactive display, Inflatables, Walk in display

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Hello all, Santa G here, back again in 2019 with Constitution Hill In Sydney's Northwest.
The Biggest And Brightest Christmas show, it will knock your candy canes over.
Our Christmas show has been voted in the Top 10 over the last few years now by this website and also been on local radio stations and newspapers.
We have got a very huge show this year, our biggest show ever. With new lights and light displays and more inflatables than ever before, plus more laser lights than ever. Also, our walk in area is back and there is lots, lots more around the path to see this year.
We also for the 1st time, after a huge last week of the show in 2018, have Christmas music playing from mid-December up to Christmas. Our Sydney Harbour Bridge is back and it's loaded more than ever with new lights and effects never ever seen on our bridge, with pascal light effects, and our Sydney tower (aka centrepoint tower) is back with new lights. More lights to be added.
This show brings out the Community. Thank you to all who visit; putting smiles on people's faces makes my year. All are welcome.
Feel free to take photos and please vote.
Watch your step.


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More Christmas Lights in Constitution Hill

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Every year families from all over Australia decorate their house in magical Christmas lights.

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