Confirmed for 2020

Packard Street, North Plympton
3 houses.....
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Featuring: Medium Display, Inflatables, Window Display

Confirmed for 2020

Keith Avenue, North Plympton
3 houses, lights, inflatables.
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Featuring: Large Display, Moving Features, Inflatables, Roof Decorated, Lasers/ Projections
Christmas Light display at  Spring Street, North Plympton

Confirmed for 2020

Spring Street, North Plympton
Solar and LED display.
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Featuring: Medium Display, Nativity Scene, Inflatables

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Best Christmas Lights Displays in Adelaide, 2020

These are just some of the The Best Streets to see Christmas Lights in Adelaide.
Be sure to check out these amazing Christmas Lights Displays with heaps of colourful decorations!
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newly added christmas light displays

These displays are some of the most recently added in Adelaide. Do you have a friend or neighbour with Christmas Lights? Get them to Add Their Display to the site!

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