The Best 8 Aussie Wines for Christmas 2021
The Best 8 Aussie Wines for Christmas 2021

Picking the perfect bottle of wine for your Christmas celebrations can be a tough prospect.  Whether you plan to gift a nice bottle or two, or simply serve to guests, it's a good idea to have in mind what whites and reds hit the palette right. 


Not feeling all that flush this year? Don’t worry about it! We’ll also have some great options in the low-mid range area. With that, it’s time to pop the cork and get started!




1. This 2018 Evans & Tate Metricup Road Cabernet Merlot



When it comes to the traditional Christmas feast, very few reds are as popular as a nice and full-bodied Merlot. There’s a lot to the flavour of this one. It’s far from being one-dimensional. Being a Cabarnet Merlot, it is naturally quite dry. But, there’s a nice blackberry sweetness to back it up.


Though this bottle generally has a recommended retail price of around $35, it can now be picked up for as little as $19.99 per bottle. Naturally, the price will drop a little if you opt to order a few bottles at once. Hailing from one of Western Australia’s original wineries, this very appealing 2018 vintage is sure to impress.



2. This 2019 St Hallett Eden Valley Riesling



For reasons unknown to us, the humble Riesling has been hugely overlooked by many in recent years. This is a crying shame as they’re quite underrated. So, for our second pick, we thought we’d try to convince a few people that a decent Riesling can easily hold its own as a Christmas tipple.


Hailing from the Barossa Valley of South Australia, this Riesling is super light and fruity. But, it also carries a nice amount of acidity too. The flavour lingers and lingers, but we’re pretty sure that you’ll see that as a pro rather than a con! Another plus; this fruity little number comes in at only $19.99 a bottle.



3. A Surprise, Perhaps? This 2015 Mystery Trophy Winning Hunter Semillon



Most of us love a surprise at Christmas, right? Well, that’s precisely what you are signing up for if you choose to invest in one of these bottles. However, this is by no means as risky as it may sound. The thing is; we happen to know a little about what’s behind the smoke and mirrors here!


Firstly, this “mystery” wine has a little pedigree to it. It’s an award winner through and through, with a trophy and five medals in its cabinet. Next up, all of the cellaring has been done for you! The best time to serve this is literally right now (or wait ‘til Christmas – we’re not the boss of you!). So, if you find this proposition as exciting as we do, you can get yours here for a surprisingly sweet $69.99.



4. 2019 Hurley Vineyard Lodestone Pinot Noir



Any shortlist of top Australian wines just wouldn’t be complete without a very decent Pinot Noir. And, this single-vineyard from Hurley wines hits the spot I more ways than one. First up, it hits you with a really dense and earthy palate. Then, the sweetness follows. It’s delightfully easy to drink and at 14.6% ABV, a little bit dangerous too!


The critics’ response to the Lodestone Pinot Noir has been unilaterally positive too. This means that you don’t have to take our word for it! An ultimate companion to a long and festive summer night - grab it here!



5. This 2018 Xanadu Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon



That’s two reds and two whites so far. You may have noticed that the price tags on these have been quite reasonable – especially considering each are quite special. But, it’s time to blow these out of the water and show you what you can get if you edge closer to the $100 per bottle range.


What this buys you is a 99-point score, which is exceptionally rare. It’s also won three trophies and five gold medals. It’s an absolute powerhouse of a Cabernet Sauvignon, backed up with a small tinge of Malbec and Petit Verdot. Really, the only downside is that they haven’t made enough of it. 2018 Xanadu Reserve.



6. This 2020 Evans & Tate Metricup Rose   



And now for something completely different. Sometimes, the best thing to partner with a nice sunny afternoon is a nice and light rose. Perfect for welcoming guests who’ve arrived long before the Christmas dinner is due to be served up, this fruity but yet somehow savoury number is great for getting the conversation going and building an appetite.


All of that ignores this wine’s greatest trick, though. It’s delicious drinking and really well balanced, all for well under the $20 per bottle mark. In fact, last we checked it was a paltry $15.99 a bottle. So, for all of the flavour and none of the compromise, this rose is an excellent choice.



7. This 2015 Jansz Tasmania Vintage Rosé



Our next choice sees us heading all the way down to Tassie for something a little bit unusual and surprising. Sure, this bottle is marketed as a rose. But, it is actually so much more than just that. What these geniuses have done is they’ve artfully blended in a little red to really make the flavour notes of this little number bounce.


The effect of this is really surprising. After all, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be all that appealing. But, what you get is strong and fruity notes like strawberry pulsating through. It really is beyond all expectations, and really, really hard to put down. At $54.99 a bottle, we reckon this may be a bit of a steal!



8. 2020 Tahbilk One Million Cuttings Sauvignon Blanc



Having arrived at our last suggestion, we’ve realised that it simply wouldn’t be right to finish off without suggesting a stupidly cheap and really satisfying Sauvignon Blanc. After all, 90% of the time, your guests really don’t care how much the bottle cost. All they need to know is that it goes down excellently with Christmas dinner and leaves them wanting more.


Well, look no further. This is the ultimate “cheap and cheerful” option. And yet, nothing seems to be missing in quality. As is pretty typical of a Sauvignon Blanc from Victoria, it’s really light and fruity. Not only that, but the finish is deliciously fresh too! At $12.99 per bottle, it wouldn’t make any sense not to recommend.


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