If you are Visiting a Christmas Display:

  • Ensure you have checked and are following the latest COVID-19 restrictions from your Local Authorities.
  • DO NOT visit a display if you are feeling un well
  • Please follow any COVID-Safe requests from the Homeowner
  • COVID-Safe requests may be listed on signs out the front of the Display, or specified on the location listing page on this website.
  • Social distance - stay at least 1.5 metres away from anyone else.
  • Stay in your car when appropriate.
  • Download our Christmas Light Bingo activity sheet to play as you visit locations!

If you are a Display Owner:

  • When submitting or confirming your Display on this site, please consider any 'COVID-Safe' measures you'd like your Visitors to take (these can be in addition to those required by your local authorities).
  • COVID-Safe Measures available for selection:
    1. View from car only
    2. View from footpath
    3. Do not touch display
    4. Masks required
    5. Masks recommended
    6. Practice social distancing
    7. Sanitise hands
    8. Stay away if unwell

    (You can add in any additional COVID-Safe requirements to your listing's comments.)
  • To better manage people movement and density, consider setting up your Walk-In Display with a single 'Entry' and 'Exit' point.
  • Consider roping off open areas where crowds typically gather.
  • Paint, Chalk or Stick 'yellow crosses' 1.5m apart on the ground infront of key features or attractions, to encourage social distancing.
  • Add a "Display Not Running" flag to your listing on nights where you do not want people to visit .
  • DOWNLOAD our printable COVID-Safe posters and place them at appropriate locations around your Display:

    Maximum Capacity [PDF] | [Editable Word Doc]
    Do Not Touch
    Maintain 1.5m Distance
    Wear A Mask
    Entry Only
    Exit Only
    Use Hand Sanitiser
    Do Not Congregate
    Stay Away If Unwell

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